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Here's some info on the new band by Matt Ackerman, Mark Linsenmayer, and new drummer Julian Salgado Laredo.

Mark and Matt have been meeting up most weeks since late April, 2006, starting a 3-piece dual singer/songwriter band with heavy use of 2-part harmonies. Our goal is to put out energentic, fun, accessible music (though this will inevitably still reflect our somewhat weird sensibilities). We want a 3-piece for right now mostly for simplicity's sake: so we can sound good even with a totally incompetent sound guy (so long as the vocals are high enough!), get folks together to rehearse without having to work around too many schedules, introduce new songs with relative ease, and all that. Our voices are sounding great together, and the trading of songwriting ideas is making this really fun at this point.

We've finally (as of October) gotten a drummer, named Julian, whose wife works with Matt, who's just come from Mexico in August or so. His abilities far outstrip the in-the-pocket rock that we were looking for for this project, which opens up our stylistic options considerably.

We're theoretically open to adding another member, but it'd have to be someone who was really into the project, who could add a really solid 3rd harmony, and who wouldn't get in the way of the overall chemistry... maybe a keyboardist/guitarist. Still, having only three is great for logistical purposes now, so we're not actively looking.

To hear the demo and see current news, go here. Here are some rehearsal recordings so you can hear more of the set

11-26-06 Rehearsal Recordings, recorded with 1 mic in a room:

New People
Thanks for Stopping By
The Easy Thing
The Last One
Down So Low

Older Rehearsal Recordings

Luge 11-9
Thanks for Stopping By 11-9
Horse 11-9
The Easy Thing 11-9
The Last One 11-9

Down So Low 11-2
The Easy Thing 11-2
Stone 11-2
New People 11-2
Plus a bonus drum loop by Julian (that we proceeded to play a pretty inane funk jam on not worthy of this basic riff)

New Tune: Shadows Fall (Recording is of Matt teaching Mark/Julian 11-26)

Mark has lots of info here; though the focus is on new songs, we've now added some old Mark tunes to the set: A Few Gone Down and Axiomatic. Other potential tunes by past Mark bands that could go well with the set include (with these recordings played here by those old bands): Stop , I Like Life, Shabby, Reasonably Lonely, Obvious Boy, or many others. Matt's also got many other tunes ready to go, with some heavy 60's/70's influence, some peppy stuff to liven the set, and more. Some covers we've tossed around are the Police "Can't Stand Losin' You," U2's "The Sweetest Thing." Other cover ideas we've jammed on or discussed include the Byrds' "Here Without You" (for the gorgeous harmonies), "King of Pain" by the Police, and/or "Don't Fear the Reaper" (partly for nostalgia/comedy, but really, it's also a swell tune!) On a side note, Matt ha's also just finished a rock opera about office hijinks that will likely be produced here in town this year.

Matt currently also plays with Blamm-O (The recordings here have him on bass, though he now plays lead guitar for them). Matt's also in the past played bass for Doll, the 60's cover band The Sun Dogs, and some other things. He's natively a guitarist though, and that's what he'll mostly be doing in this band. Mark, on the other hand, has fronted bands playing acoustic guitar for a number of years (most recently in Madison Lint), but started out on bass (upright actually, then electric) and will be mostly sticking to that in this project. Still, though, we might swap instruments for some tunes, go all acoustic for some gigs, or even change our minds and pull in some additional lead players to increase our potential stylistic range.


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