Welcome, folks, to my old-timey web site, a repository of numerous things I've recorded and some text for you to read while you listen to them to get more out of 'em.

Mark Lint music
        This is a massive heap of free songs for you to download. However, the place I send newbies to at this point is my bandcamp page, which is going to have the currently final packaging of my most public-worthy material.  I've also created a Spotify playlist of my music that you should follow

To put the career that produced all these songs in perspective, you can read some history of my various projects and check out this (not necessarily up to date) discography. Follow my current musical activities on Facebook. If I'm in the middle of a project, I release that new material at Patreon. I've posted many gig videos on my YouTube channel.

Nakedly Examined Music Podcast
        In January 2016 I launched a new podcast interviewing songwriters about specific songs, which are played in full on the podcast. I've gotten to talk to some of my idols, get into lots of great new-to-me artists, and even bring on a few friends and peers.

Pretty Much Pop: A Culture Podcast
        In Summery 2019 I launched a third podcast to discuss entertainment more generally: how and why we consume what we do. This is an excuse for me (and my co-hosts Erica Spyes and Brian Hirt) to talk with friends (maybe even you!), entertainment-industry types, and some professors and others about TV, films, music, games, and more.

The Partially Examined Life Philosophy Podcast
        A fairly flippant but still generally well-informed philosophy podcast that's been rolling since 2009, with a sporadic blog. A subsection of this is my "Self-Examined Music Blog," where I've told stories about some of my songs.

Mark's book, Tripe
Read the introduction to see what it's all about. More fiction.

AskChickie on Istagram
All the wisdom you'll ever need. Chickie has some longer pieces of advice on YouTube as well.

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