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Here's some information for folks interested in web authoring:

These pages were created with Dreamweaver, with some early work done on Front Page and Netscape Composer. I tend to freely go back and forth between the Dreamweaver interface and the straight HTML, fixing things however seems quickest to me at the time.

        This is a difficult site to organize, because it's really not one thing, i.e. not just a music site, but also a general personal site with non-musical writing; I also wanted to leave room for pages having to do with my academic/research interests. Thus, I distinguished between the index page and the Mark Lint music page. Either of these works as a home page for the site; I send different folks to different pages. I have included a menu bar on every page to aid quick navigation, but have not used this as a substitute for guided links with discription; I've chosen redundancy over a strictly hierarchical/linear structure (this is also why I decided against frames). There are always several routes to get to a particular feature, so anyone surfing around will eventually run into everything.
        The division of music files over several sites, besides saving me space on my server, also serves a marketing function. The songs are mostly ones geared to sell one particular product. The IUMA songs are designed to show my range. I refer different customers/fans/auditionees to different sites depending on my assessment of their interests. The songs housed on my sever or available at are not available in streaming format; I feel safe in putting songs there that I'd like my die-hard appreciators to hear but don't want to use as an introduction to my work. However, I also have every song posted anywhere linked from a single master page, so the separation in storage needn't be the viewer's concern.

Specific features:
        Sound files: I created mp3's from CD audio files using either RealJukebox or MusicMatch. Some of these were previously mastered or edited using Sound Forge, and a few were recorded using Cool Edit or Vegas Pro.
        Graphics: Photos were created and doctored with Corel PhotoPaint, with some work with the Text Art features on Word 2000 or some of the built-in effects (as in the Mark Lint banner text treatment) from Microsoft PhotoDraw. As far as graphic design goes, the most work of anything on this site went into my album liner art. The liner notes for my recent album involved extensive text and photo effects, including the use of lenses and layers. Liner notes for an older album involved creatively colorizing and stretching art that was originally sized for cassette. All the text effects were freshly done in PhotoPaint. On the cover page to my book, I chose to use a photo as the background. On the main music page, the "history" .jpg also serves as an image map, meaning different parts of the picture contain links to various band biography pages.
        Animations: I presently have two animations on my main music page, both created using the timelines and behavior functions in Dreamweaver (which act to insert lines of Javascript into the page).. If you hold the cursor over the picture at the top, it will shimmy. If you hold the cursor over the linked words "Mark Lint" just after the phrase "Read this here bio," then a little, low quality (i.e. quick loading) sound (.wav) file will play while a small photo flies around the screen . I also have one animation constructed with Flash that uses sound, a flying image on a background, size morphing, and text that appears and disappears..
        Forms: There's a page to sign up on the mailing list. This involves filling out a form with text boxes and pull down menus. When you press the "submit" button, an e-mail is sent to my address with a string of text containing the information you entered. Note the text in the status bar at the bottom of the screen when you submit. The tell-a-friend page references a cgi script that I downloaded off the web somewhere to send an e-mail saying whatever the user inputs (there's a default) to whomever he designates.
        Database: The random lyric feature picks one line at random from a text file containing a long list of lyric lines with a carriage return between each. The result is scrolled across the screen. This is done with an applet called Marquis, which I embedded in the page. The music loop played on this page is not part of the applet.
        Video: The video linked from the main music page was created with RealPlayer.

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